Mission and Vision

The school was founded in virtue of a decree published on March 4, 1999. It adopts a moral, national and educational program based on the following values and rules:

  • Having faith in God and freedom of religious belief as well as respect to the principles stipulated by the religious concepts.
  • Loving our country in order to ensure its development and progress
  • Adopting a good morality based on our people’s traditions
  • Preserving the family as a perfect unit and an example to the next generations
  • Respecting human rights
  • Being open to the civilized development
  • Rejecting religious or racist fanatics and refusing violence
  • Respecting laws and rules and looking forward to developing them through peaceful means for the best of the human being and the society
  • Forming the national, scientific and social Arab citizen
  • Implementing a learning plan that matches the official programs decided by the government
  • Using one of both languages French or English as a main language in all learning cycles, adding the second language and preserving the Arabic as a maternal one
  • Adopting the French or English language in teaching the scientific subjects such as Math, Physics and Chemistry in all cycles