Activities and Club

The school’s care is not limited to academic and health, but it also offers entertaining programs academics. Therefore, it equipped the school building with a modern theater with the best sound and visual techniques in order to organize cultural conferences and celebrations.

It also created equipped rooms for the drawing and music classes, adding the large playgrounds for students and special playgrounds for children to ensure their safety.

The school has also founded sport clubs to practice karate, football, basketball, Gymnastics Our students have won several awards through their participation in various sport competitions with different schools.

In addition, our school didn’t forget to develop the musical talents through teaching music playing on different instruments under the supervision of the best and experienced teachers

We also built a special space for drawing and manual work that was equipped with the best techniques. And our students could as well occupy the first places in drawing competitions that are annually organized under the supervision of Fabriano institution

These activities are scheduled on Friday afternoon