Approach and methods

As for programs, Lycee Des Arts offers the Lebanese official program in the framework of the modern education which we believe is based on:

  • Developing the student’s overall personality.
  • Respecting the student’s individuality
  • Accepting that the student is the central axis of efficiency and intellectualization, and that the teacher should support the child in the pursue to gain the ability of self-learning
  • Enhancing the logical memory to grasp different data for the student memorizes what he by himself discovers
  • Caring for the child’s present health, mental development and character as an introduction to his future productiveness
  • Emphasizing the functioning of the child’s physical senses in the learning process
  • Teachers, at Lycee Des Arts are always up to the latest methodologies of modern education for they have been given chances to regularly attend workshops and seminars at: The Centre Culturel Francais, The Lebanese American University, Librairie du Liban, World Heritage Publishers, L’ ecole Normale, Eduware, etc